8 The sports authority will share best practice in maintaining integrity in sports betting with other sporting authorities

6 Further to the commitment to share intelligence under point 5, the sports authority will take responsibility for proactively passing appropriate information or knowledge of corrupt practices (a race/match-fixing scam, for example) to the relevant authorities (e.g. police/Customs/National Criminal Intelligence Service/and the Gambling Commission)

4 The sports authority will not avoid taking necessary action when they suspect, or are aware of betting activity which threatens the integrity of sport and objectives of this code of practice. Participants will not misuse privileged information

Signed by the British Darts Authority, Darts Regulatory Organisation, England and Wales Cricket Board, Football Association, Horseracing Regulatory Authority, Motor Sports Association, National Greyhound Racing Club, Rugby Football Union, Rugby Football League, World Snooker

1 The sports authority will seek to embody the principles underpinning this plan

2 The sports authority will include provisions in the rules and regulations governing the behaviour of their participants in relation to betting

Copyright 2006 Gale, Cengage Learning. police/Customs and Excise)


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

3 In context of betting, sports authorities will expect their participants to avoid any situation that may involve a conflict of interest with the sport and/or which may undermine the confidence of the public. All rights reserved.

9 The sports authority will seek to ensure that their participants co-operate fully with any investigation conducted by them and will expect them to provide full disclosure of information in relation to any such investigation

10 The sports authority will nominate a person/department with special responsibility for betting issues

7 Where bookmakers or betting operators seek to enter into information sharing agreements, the sports authority will endeavour to work with them

5 The sport authority will co-operate with and, if appropriate, enter into information-sharing agreements with the relevant statutory authorities in the context of sports betting (e.g

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